About the Club

The Great Dane Club of NSW Inc. is the only Great Dane Breed Club in New South Wales affiliated and recognized with Dogs NSW, the controlling body for purebred dogs in New South Wales and the Australian National Kennel Council.

An historic beginning for the breed in NSW
(Extracts of an article written by Ken O'Brien in 1987 in his capacity as Publicity Officer of the Great Dane Club of NSW)

Looking into the original minutes' book of the Great Dane Club of NSW, its early history could be seen as the historic beginning of all Great Dane Clubs in Australia.

A meeting was called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Spilstead on 18th September 1945 to discuss the possible formation of a specialist club. Present were Messrs. Brown, Bruce, Stockwell, Percy, Hurst, Cunneen, Alderson and Moonie, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton and Mr. and Mrs. Spilstead.

The discussions that followed echoed the feeling that the breed could be helped greatly by the formation of a Club.

It would also provide a regular gathering for owners and breeders. An election resulted in the founding president being Mr. Spilstead, secretary Mr. Moonie and treasurer Mr. Stockwell.

The name of the Club, The Great Dane Club of Australia, was so chosen as there were no other Dane Clubs in existence at that time. It was felt that such a name would help the Club promote the breed in all States and foster the development of Clubs elsewhere.

Affiliation was immediately applied for and a meeting on 2nd October 1945 adopted the proposed Standard (as used by the GDC of England) and the proposed rules. April of 1946 saw the first show held under the Club Banner.

In trying to further foster our breed, a pointscore competition was introduced in an effort to have more Great Danes shown at all breeds shows.

In 1947 the Club donated trophies for the Sydney Royal. 1953 saw the introduction of a memento for Members whose Great Danes gained championship status.

The RASKC decreed that all clubs using Australia must delete it from the name, so as of 24th March 1961 the Club became The Great Dane Club of New South Wales.

Among the many great achievements this Club has made is arranging and hosting the inaugural National Great Dane specialty show with American Judge and Great Dane specialist Miss Nancy Carroll Draper.

Indeed, the dog show grounds and headquarters of Dogs NSW were named in honour of our founding President Mr. W. Spilstead, the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs.

The Club today
Club meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday every second month, with the first meeting each year in February. The venue is at the Castle Hill Show Grounds 7.30PM, please contact the Secretary to be advised of the date of the next meeting.

Our Club Journal is issued bi-monthly and contributions of interesting and relevant articles are always appreciated.

The Club holds two Championship Shows and a Fun Day each year. For the dates of these events please check the 'Coming Events Page'.

Our Club extends a warm welcome to new Members. Membership to The Great Dane Club of NSW is open to all who love and share their home with this wonderful breed.

It does not matter if your Great Dane is a beloved companion dog or if you would like to become involved in showing, there is something for everybody.

Club Members will be happy to provide assistance and advice should you need it. You are invited to stand for Club positions following a qualifying period.

Should you wish to join, please go to our 'Club Membership Page'.
Club meetings are held at: Norwest Canine Association Building, Castle Hill Showground, please contact the Secretary to be advised of the date of the next meeting.

The Club is a patron to Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming, trying to rehome Great Danes who are in need of a new home.

The aim of The Great Dane Club of NSW is to promote responsible dog ownership amongst its Members and the community.